Baby Massage has been practiced for centuries all over the world and is a wonderful thing to do. As a Mother of four children myself, I know each baby has different needs and massage makes it easier to understand these needs at such a young age.

It is not just for parents who embrace a certain lifestyle, whether your baby sleeps with you, is breast- or bottle –fed, is weaned early or late – all these decisions are up to you.

* Helps to reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation

* Promotes bonding between baby and parent

* Induces a deeper and longer sleep

* Helps weight gain in premature infants

* Stimulates and strengthens both the immune and nervous systems

* Relieves teething pain

* Improves blood circulation, muscle tone and sensory awareness

* Relieves respiratory disorders and sinus congestion

I am running baby massage courses throughout the year and would be delighted to meet you and your baby and share the techniques with you, please see below for details of the different types of sessions I run.


For all the massage sessions you will need:

* A big towel

* To wear casual clothing, as we will mainly be working on the floor.

* A drink for your baby as they are usually thirsty after a massage.(  or breastfeeding break)

* A bottle of oil (I can provide  organic oil)

I demonstrate all the techniques on a specifically made massage doll and explain everything in full as you massage your own baby (you will be surprised how quickly the strokes will become second nature to you).



Host a class and get 50% off


 3 or more families